Mr. Bhupat Sukhadiya - Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Bhupat Sukhadiya who hails from a modest farming background has pursued M. Com, MBA as his academic qualification, started his first business into automobile retail after which he got an opportunity to work in a dairy plant taking care of its production department in a managerial role. While working there once when he asked his management to give him an opportunity to also start working on field to understand the market more widely, he was denied and restricted to only be taking care of the production. He realized that his motto wasn’t getting fulfilled there and thus he thought of starting his own business. Like it was obvious he did face a lot of challenges in the initial stages majorly it was more on financial side. The other was the retaliation he had to face from his family’s side, as to get on to entrepreneurial journey was his individual decision. Family was against this decision and wanted him to continue with his job where he was designated on a manager’s position and according to them there was nothing that he would get out of starting a small shop. But he was firm on his motto and began his business with a small shop. Because he was short of finance, the only alternative was to deploy his experience and create something meaningful out of it. He was on the pursuit of his motto of having his own business to be able to create employment in the country. With a small 350 sq. Ft shop in Surat, he started and was able to make Rs.1200-Rs.1500 per day and that is where his business journey began. While running this small retail shop after a year and a half he came across an opportunity to get into trading of desi ghee. Then he started this trading business in an area called Varachha in Surat. 

Because of his past experience of handling the production unit of a ghee manufacturing and he was also involved with the marketing of the product hence he possessed knowledge of production and marketing of desi ghee and by this time he was had decent finance also with his first business hence eventually he decided to utilize both his knowledge and the money that he made from one business to be invested in other and came up with his own dairy plant and this decision was to actualize his main motto to create employment. With his firm decision, confidence in his own self and possessing a noble intention behind doing a business he bought a space of 1800 sq. Feet in an industrial area and started the production of ghee. And the shop that he had of 350 sq. Ft was converted to office.

In a span of merely 8 years, 350 sq. Feet office is now 4000 sq. Feet whereas the manufacturing plant that was started with 1800 sq. Feet is now 75000 sq. Feet. Initially business that was done through only 3 distributors in Surat, 12 employees in 2015 is now more than 2200+ distributors across nation and having presence in 25 states, team size of 265 employees and a turn over of 100 Cr in 2023.

In this competitive market to be able to sustain for 3 years wherein 90% small businesses die within 3 years having achieved this kind of phenomenal growth exemplifies his vision, perseverance, hard work, and an attitude of not giving up on his motto. He has identified 3 qualities to be imbibed as the DNA of his organization – System, Humanity and Contribution. He wants to create a system driven organization, he believes in humanity and does a lot of activities on CSR front and he wants to contribute in the development & growth of each & everyone who forms a part of his ecosystem and eventually in the growth of our nation’s economy through his organization. All that he has achieved and will achieve in future is because he is strongly driven by a mission, he is on the mission to reach each home of India through his product. The mantra that keeps him focused towards making an excellent product is “Surety for Purity” non-compromising on the quality of the product is something that he thrives on. While achieving all the greatness in business, he possesses this understanding that how important it is to give back to society apart from generating employment he has also registered an NGO as Vastu Charitable Trust which is committed primarily on two activities child education and serving old age homes. Apart from these they also support other ashrams and charity through their CSR activities.

In the 8 years of his entrepreneurial journey achieving 10x growth his success has been celebrated by many by recognizing & rewarding him at various platforms like ACE Achievers (Making a difference), Young Achievers Award, Fastest Growing Company award by Foodmech Asia, and many more.

To summarize – A simple, grounded, humble, intelligent and a visionary -. Mr. Bhupat Sukhadiya is a first-generation entrepreneur who has always been confident, and believed that he would be able to create what he aspired for. With his unshakeable determination and commitment, he continued putting effort and shall continue doing it in the pursuit of his mission having learnt that no obstacle that comes his way can stop him from achieving what he desires to achieve.

Bhupat Sukhadiya has pursued One Great Decisive Aim with all his Force and DETERMINATION and that is what has taken him to heights of success which he believes is still miles to go.